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Ascension Accelerator: Eat Light ~ Be Light


Any food or product that increases your Light Quotient is an Ascension Accelerator. Ascension Accelerators assist in increasing your Light Quotient to raise your Vibration and Accelerate your Ascension Process


I've been taking different brands of Spirulina for over 20 years and recently discovered this new high-grade, high-vibrational Spirulina  called  BioLumina that is now my main nutritional food support and nourishment, which, along with Chlorella, I add to a smoothie every day. The difference between this Spirulina and the others I have taken is that I can really feel the sustained energy it gives me throughout the day, and the calm feeling of well-being.


It is extra-high in the rare blue antioxidant called phycocyanin, which enhances your immune system, boosts brain function, and provides radiation protection. It is further optimized through Quantum Infusion, which infuses naturally occurring life force energy patterns to support balance, core strength, endurance, and quicker recovery time. Spirulina is a complete whole food, which means that it can fill in any missing nutritional pieces in your diet.


With ongoing assaults on our immune systems from GMO’s, radiation and

toxic chemicals, it is now more important than ever to add this potent,

high frequency superfood to your diet.


BioLumina is available exclusively through New Phoenix Rising, a company dedicated to using this high vibrational food to raise people’s consciousness.


To learn more and to bless your own body with this wonderful food, go to:


~ May your Journey into Light be Accelerated ~



Dianne Robbins


When you order please CHOOSE WHOLESALE for better price.  There is a one time $5 fee to order wholesale,  with no requirements, and you save $10. 

The quickest way to order BioLumina is to call directly (877) 877-5616.

Please tell them you were referred by Dianne Robbins. Thank You!