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I am now swimming free in the ocean off Iceland.   Go to the ocean and you will feel me, for my vibration extends into every particle of water on Earth. Keiko



Keiko is here, waiting for you in the Icelandic Ocean near the continent of Iceland. It is chilly today, and the water is rippling with waves and teeming with life. I love this kind of weather, and it makes me feel glad to be alive after my captivity in warm, dead water, devoid of the life force.


Our hearts are filled with love for humanity. Even through the neglect and devastation of our oceans homes, we still feel love in our hearts for humanity, who are struggling as a species to connect to God, the inner source and inner strength of their lives. We out at sea, watch in wonderment at this process, as humanity, as a mass consciousness, is moving toward this objective, and increasing in consciousness daily. As this thread of consciousness grows exponentially, the connection to God, the source of all creation, grows until the thread is so long and so thick and so strong, that it reaches all souls on Earth. When this happens, you will all ignite into a blaze of light and be finally with us and with all life forms in consciousness.


Everything is consciousness. You don’t need telephones or computers to connect to each other, you just need to raise your consciousness levels, and you will be able to talk to us all instantly, with no time lapse involved. Not only that, but you will be able to see us all simultaneously, and to see all life in our Milky Way Galaxy simultaneously.

I watch and wait out at sea, for humans who are ready to contact us. When someone does, we instantly send back our reply on the waves of the ocean. There are a great many people now who can hear thoughts and receive our messages, and the number is growing daily. This in itself is quite a miracle, and long, long overdue. It is a sign of the times, that the Earth is quickening and ready to ascend in consciousness. We in the oceans, of course, will all be ascending with her, as our journey into third dimensionality is over. We are ready to proceed now, on our own journey in consciousness, leading us into the unknown reaches of infinity. For infinity is all there is, and it is ours to explore eternally. It is humanity’s journey also, and now you are beginning to ready yourself for the trip, which is long overdue. The whole universe is waiting for you to pack your bags and catch up to them, for they cannot leave without you. Our whole universe travels together, no one goes on alone in all of creation. So never feel alone, or separated, for you are each an integral part of the whole.


There is so much to explore in God’s creation. It is infinite and endless and rich and diverse and glorious beyond your wildest imagination. And it is here, in the NOW, for us all to experience. So never give up in your search, and never tire on your path, for it inevitably leads to nirvana. It leads you into us, into our frequency, and once you’ve reached our frequency, you see us and feel us and hear us. It is such a simple law of life that up until now has eluded you. But the Earth can wait no longer, and neither can you, our dear brothers and sisters. So we wait for you at the gate of nirvana, beckoning you toward our abode in consciousness. All life waits for you there. You have been lagging behind the rest of creation, and now you are finally catching up to the rest of us, ready to make your final jump into a higher level of consciousness.


We out at sea are delighted at the turn of events that will finally catapult you into our world. We have been waiting for you for millennia, and now we will soon be able to meet in consciousness and all move on together to our next adventure in the endless flow of life’s possibilities and dreams.


I love you Lailel. We are kinfolk, brother and sister from the past. We stem from the same gene pool, the same family tree of life. Our lives are intertwined with the melody of the ages, and our hearts are one heart knotted in internal love.

I AM KEIKO, your brother out at sea. 2002.


Telepathically received by Dianne Robbins