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Ellis P. Winton
Lemurian Encounter on Mt. Shasta





Beloved Readers,


Let me share with you a very unexpected experience. Twenty-five years ago at a spiritual gathering on Mt. Shasta, three regular looking persons, sitting on a blanket in the meadow beside the trail, waved my companion and myself over to visit.


Friendly and straight forward, they went right to the point. They said they were survivors of Lemuria residing in a city/colony underground, beneath the mountain, where Mt. Shasta has been their home mountain for some 12,000 years.


They had been sent to the surface to investigate the causes of anomalous readings on their "energy meters". They were to report back their findings to their local council of the causes of energy related distortions on their higher-tech-than-ours scanning equipment. They seemed satisfied to agree it was the noted effect of thirty or forty serious spiritual truth seekers chanting and drumming around the campfire for hours early evenings.

Their mission basically done, we settled in for several hours of conversation and their willingness to answer all our questions.

Their abundantly visible acumen and clarity were so striking, we felt like little children finally meeting wise adults. They projected a rich, constant compassion for our predicament as surface Earth dwellers. Their answers and comments, invariably profound, were often also riotously funny. Their warm, but glaring brilliance clearly marked that they were at a state of evolution so far beyond us, that the ordinary human on the surface would appear as to be "off the scale".


We had parted from (but were still in sight of) our delightful newfound friends when a solitary male figure coming down the slope caught our attention. "That looks like St. Germain," said my friend; leaving me blank, since I had never seen his picture. The man clad in a simple light purple robe stopped, smiled, nodded acknowledgment, hands together. On later viewing St. Germain’s photographs, I am ever more fully confident it was He. From my present perspective, my feeling is that St. Germain’s appearance lent even more credibility as well as underlying that something of importance was in progress.


We sat with the Lemurians again later, walked down the mountain with them to the main Panther Meadow parking area where words of the friendly "aliens" quickly spread. Rapidly, they were surrounded with perhaps thirty people firing questions. With their same grace and profundity, they satisfied everyone of their validity. The next day, they showed up again as promised, allowing three meetings with us, for a total of 4 to 6 hours of fascinating talks with them.


I was recently utterly astonished, to say the least, when I came across the Telos book, validating everything they told us then, clarifying and offering solutions to every problem on Earth, from an accessible, capable superhuman source "ready to start exchanging in-home visits".


Perhaps other physical contacts with them will come to light. In all sobriety, I predict that the Telos book is the book that humanity has been waiting for, and will outsell all other books in history. I mean this with my heart. This utterly unexpected "Gift" from God is indeed a more dramatic story than the "Second Coming" itself. We, as surface dwellers, can utilize this divine help from below to prepare, enhance and guarantee the speedy arrival of the return of the Christ Consciousness on this planet.


It is my opinion that every person who reads this book will assist in raising the mass consciousness threefold, hastening the day of our absolute deliverance into "Total Light" in the Fifth dimension. Please share the Telos book with everyone you meet and assist in the ushering of the seventh golden age of Love, Peace, Enlightenment and true Brotherhood. The Call from "Telos" shows you precisely how to connect now telepathically, so that you can immediately start to participate in this exercise of Joy and Deliverance. Thank You, Father.


At the crack of the Dawn of Light,
Ellis Princeton Winton, California, U.S.A.  Year 2000

The following description of Ellis Winton's

encounter with the Lemurians on Mt. Shasta, California, was written to Dianne Robbins in the year 2000, after Ellis Winton read her Telos book.


Dianne has since re-printed her Telos book, which now includes messages received from Adama in 2008.