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In “Coming Home to Lemuria” (ISBN 0983143315), Collins strives to take readers beyond the world of space fiction and cyberspace, and into the lives of five men “chosen” to discover a new truth. The men embark on a sacred journey to Mt. Shasta in northern California, where they perform rituals under the guidance of a wise high priest and an archangel; the men hope to forever change the world through this encounter.


This dramatic account details the ascension of the Earth into a higher existence. Collins seeks to reveal an advanced, ancient civilization living inside our planet, and depicts the rituals essential to survival performed just above the surface. The men witness how this undiscovered civilization coexists with the human race—and how vital it is to our planet’s development.


Collins parallels the significance of a 5D reality with society as we know it, and aims to reveal when our paths will eventually cross with this unseen civilization beneath our feet. This metaphysical adventure story aims to inspire readers with hope for a renewed reality. Inspired by his own extraordinary experience, Collins tailors the narrative for acceptance by a mass audience so that it might recognize the truth as he perceives and presents it here.


“Places as thrilling as ‘Avatar’ exist right here,” says Collins. “This book is an easy guide to new truths. An amazing future lies ahead of us.”


This spiritual account of coexisting with another race includes the author’s view on how these rituals will help bring our world into a higher existence free of death, taxes, government and religion.

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