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Listen with Your Heart
Oribel was inspired by reading my Tree Talk book and made this lovely video.

Messages From The Hollow Earth 
(audio book excerpt


Spectacle of Light is Coming to Earth from

Dianne's mission is to bring forth telepathic information from the Higher Realms and Kingdoms who are assisting us in our Evolutionary growth.


The Heavens are Opening their Gates — Walk Through!











From the Sacred Mountain of Mt. Shasta
to the very core of the Earth comes the messages for humankind...

We Are Not Alone!

Visitor Comments




"Dear Dianne,
First I send you my love.
I said I would report my feelings about the books and no words are adequate to express such love felt over and over again as I poured over everyone's stories and expressions of love for us humans.
When I picked up the 'Messages from the Crystal Kingdom' book, before I even opened the cover, I started crying, with tears pouring from my eyes for several minutes, with no idea why.  Have you heard of anyone else having similar experiences?  I am an empathe, always experiencing other people's deep feelings. (good or bad) and often have to look around the room to see where the emotions are coming from, so, I'm wondering if a member of the Crystal Kingdom was expressing love for me.  It would be nice to have more information about this incident. I love every page of all five books.
Love Always,

Paulette, Canada



"I have now read much of the Telos book and am very pleased to find that many of the pieces of information that I have from a wide range other sources now fit together perfectly so I am delighted – I have a much better picture and understanding of the whole now and really appreciate being led to Dianne’s website."
William, UK



"Thank you for your gift! Your gift of Love. I love your books and the messages contained in them. I have purchased all 3 available on Kindle and would like to purchase your 4th publication on Kindle when it comes available.
Love and Kindness,



"I am deeply moved by your book."
Huafeng, China



"Thanks for your courage and inspiriing mission to share about your true home.
Ever since I was a child, I felt the connection to Agartha!"
Peter UK



"i had read three books of you. Thank you so much for all your doing and your vision out of your heart. I cried so much about the cetacaen, was so happy to hear from Telos. God`s abundance over You. Please go on with Your fantastic work .
I honour You,Dianne and my heart loves You. Verlag."
in love Christiane, Germany



"After reading one of your books before I fell asleep I suddenly received a telepathic message. The short message was an invitation from the Inner Earth. They told me that I could make a visit anytime I wished."



"Your books and information is very inspiring and informatively(-remembering) for me."

Maaike, Holland



"I wrote a post that you might be interested in seeing. I read your book "Messages from the Inner Earth" and I resonated with it. Also, This May 21st has a cryptic message I think I deciphered. Can you please tell me if you feel the same way? Here's the link to the post that I explained it on. Thanks again for your help and may the light guide your every footstep."

Marisol, Chile



"Aloha Dianne, Blessings to you, I am grateful to you for your messages, and work, I will send you a donation next month via Western Money Union some gratitude."
Mareva, France



"I wanted you to know that I have told others about your wonderful work on the website, Galactic -- I hope you will be hearing from people who are regulars there, very soon. Blessings on your most sacred work."

Laurinda, US



"Just a note to say thank you very much for extraordinary books! I am enjoying Telos at moment and waiting on "Messages from the Hollow Earth" to be arrive soon.
Book "Telos" is not only very informative, but also very comforting.

Yuko, Israel



" I am grateful to you for your messages, and work."

Rico, Venezuela



"I want to take the time to thank you for bringing such a wonderful message to humanity. My life has been blessed and richer in spirit.
Thank you again.Love and Peace" 
Ajit,  Kazakhstan



"I listened to you recordings on youtube, and all that you have said resonated with me...." Dylan



"I am a 34 years old lightworker from France and just ordered your four books on Amazon. One of them got here today and I can't wait to go home and read it!!   The excerpts on your website are amazing, and I wanted to say thank you. As a member of the Communications division of the Ashtar Command, I must say that the information you provide is capital! I will read and re-read you! And pass on the message! Blessings of love and light" Julie


"Thank you for your recent message from Adama and the Crystal beings...they brought much joy and hope to my heart...." Yeshe



"I want to be a memebr of your organization."  Chukwuemeka, Nigeria


"Thank you so much for your wonderful books and messages. I Love your work and I Love the Inner People, the Trees, the Cetaceans, The Crystals."
Janneke - Netherlands



"Thank you very much indeed Dianne.   I feel deeply the comunications you receive.  Many Blessings from Uruguay."   Enrique



"I continue reading your book “Messages from the HOLLOW EARTH”.
It is so inspiring and wonderful to know of the existence of the Civilizations of the Inner Earth."



"Thank you so much Dianne :) Bless you." Kerrie



"THANKS, DIANNE.  Love it!!!!" Joy



"I have purchased and have read your 4 books which I have nejoyed. I was particularly drawn to Adama and the Hollow Earth although I feel that this is because of knowing him in Lemuria." Joreal



"Your site looks so lovely." Graeil



"Very thanks for your gift of channeling." Francisco



"I will always remember the extraordinary way your  book The cry goes out came to me !    I will order your new book Tree Talk . Thank you very much for your channelings." Suzette



" I just love your website and message. Hope to meet you one day when my family takes a trip your way." Jason



"What a nice surprise, God bless you!!!"  Azucena



"I went to your redesigned website. Beautiful! Yes, I am aware of your powerful book, Tree Talk.
Deborha spoke of it at one of her workshops. Thank you for your creations and emanations of light!"



"Very sweet! Thank you dear trees and Diane. This lovely song from the heart of the trees brought a smile to both my face and heart. A lovely way to begin the new year!"
Kathryn Shanti Arie



"Thank you Dianne for sharing this, I have read about everything you have written. I love my crystals and carry on most of the time and look forward to us all joining in the 5th D light and hope it is soon."




"Wonderful. The build up of light from the previous postings from the crystal people has finally reached my awareness."




"I just found your site through Russ Michael's newsletter... this article filled me with hope, love and light. It made me want to re-connect with my crystals; they've put away for quite a while. Thank you so much for a gentle reminder what pure friends our crystals are..."



"Fascinating!! Can't wait for next week's message!"




"Thanks Dianne.Its wonderful to be able to hear from the people of the hollow earth on a weekly? basis. I am new to this information but am amazed at how it is already positively changing my life. I would like to know what the people of the hollow earth think/say will happen to the earth on December 21st 2012." kcad  



"Thank you so much, Dianna, Mikos and Rosalea. I could feel energies shifting within as I read this. Love to you all!" Erin  



"I love the simple, pure energy that seems to eminate from this message. Peace then, is perhaps much more powerful than we've realised??" Mark  



"A truly beautiful message!"



"Absolutely beautiful Dianne ....I am the composer who sent you the Cd 'Lemurian Dream'...several years ago-- "
Warmest Blessings, Michael Fess


"Thank you, thank you, thank you, your new link worked a treat and I am so happy as I can now get down to enjoying reading this book."
Suzie & Garry

“What you see on this website is no less than a collective miracle between the

Subterranean Community and Dianne Robbins, author of these books. This

collaborative effort has opened a bridge from our Inner Realms to you,

through the words in our books and the vibration they carry”  

~ Adama, High Priest of Telos

Messages from the Crystal Kingdom



my most current channeling in full color, has been updated to include new additional poems from the

Mermaids and Unicorns!


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Tree Talk


Telepathically dictated messages

from the

TREE PEOPLE, acquainting us with the Nature World. 


Available in both eBook ($8.95)

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The Call Goes Out from the
Cetacean Nation

A series of messages from

the Cetacean
species –

Whales and Dolphins.


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The First and Foremost book on Telos


Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who
have been living in Telos, a Subterranean
City beneath

Mt. Shasta.


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Messages from the Hollow Earth


Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it's
inhabited by Advanced Civilizations! Learn
about the inner Earth cities of Lemuria


Available in both eBook ($8.95)

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($20 + S&H)




I, Dianne Robbins, am a student of the Ascended Master Teachings

through the Radiant Rose Academy:

In deep gratitude to:


Mike Meacock ( and Douglas Webster (, for originally creating and launching my website in the early 1990's;


Greg Gavin (, for his work over the years on my books and website;


Steu Mann ( for revising my website, launching the Inner Earth Book Store, and marketing my eBooks around the world;


My son Jason Robbins for continuing to update and maintain my website.

This is the offical web site for Dianne Robbins.

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Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992. 


Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos.  The messages in her book were dictated by Adama, word-for-word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration.



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by Phillip Collins

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I do not; however, I can recommend a few people who do offer these services: 


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